The Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio is a leading team in spatial design, choreography, photography, art performance, video and art installation. The AAIS under the direction of Theo Lorenz and Tanja Siems now brings its skills to Catalan grounds and cultural retreat Las Heras, Girona. Presenting an art performance and ephemeral spatial installation the project gathers the best level creative professionals’ passion for the arts and culture. Continuing the To Be Honest Festival sequence of events started in London last March 2017, To Be Honest.Spain raises awareness on how truth, trust and integrity rely on our day to day life. The Hidden Silence invites the audience to reimagine how a story is been told. The piece questions what has been experienced, the valid and the forgotten, the narrative and the memory. “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” (Heraclitus) The Hidden Silence is an art performance presenting disrupted phases within a cycle of a single storyline. By inviting audience to discover the multiple perspectives unveiled by strolling through space, the fidelity of rituals is interrogated. A carefully crafted choreography in collaboration with the dance company New Movement Collective challenges people’s attempt to phrase a common storyline of a shared moment. Primarily the performance invites audience to evaluate and outline a new meaning for truth. The performance offers music composed in collaboration with sound producer Tom Froggatt synchronised with an atmospheric light design. The Hidden Silence creates an enigmatic environment with multiple paths that envelope the audience experience.